Email Marketing

Email marketing is at the helm of our digital marketing services. Our team specialises in creating powerful and interactive emails to influence and engage a large number of audience with your business. We bring new users to the website along with retaining the existing customers through our strategic campaigns involving creative emails, newsletters, forms, images, and analytics. It proves to be an excellent strategy as it saves time and money, simultaneously having a wide reach. We understand that each brand is different in its approach. That’s why we build a unique strategy after scrutinizing your brand and its target audience. Get access to enterprise level email marketing solutions through us. We guarantee an expansion in your customer base and an increase in profits.

A Robust Email Marketing Plan

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Bulk Emails

Contact us to send bulk emails to the potential and existing customers. We have an amazing email delivery platform with built-in email templates and spam checker. Discuss with us to personalize the emails for a specific target audience and bring a positive change to your business.

Contact List Management

Maintains a list of your target customers. Reach them at the right time to ensure the best conversions. We work on our strategic planning and can target millions of relevant audience for the best results.

Email designing

Providing a unique design, tailored as per your company’s need is our forte. Our team is highly creative with a rich technological expertise in email designing. We use attractive templates, informative images, and easy WYSIWYG editing to render the email interactive.

Follow-up Emails

Helps you to follow up with the interested customers and pursue an engaging conversation with them. You can also schedule your emails and send them at the best possible time. Automated follow-up emails can boost your business by an impressive 40% margin.

Tracking and Reporting

We measure the success of our campaigns through exact tracking and reporting methods. Our reports help in developing the next strategic plan for an enhanced performance. The analysis is done on the basis of several metrics such as usage, click-through, subscriptions, hard bounce, soft bounce, engagement etc. We also offer Advanced Reporting to get a strong info on the contacts’ reading and browsing habits. You can customize the campaign accordingly to their habits such as priority time, the frequency of use, devices, demographics, and other information. These insightful metrics help improve the future email campaigns drastically.

Compliance and Spam Control

The advanced email suppression tool helps in avoiding the distribution of emails to the customers who do not want it. Over that, we provide an “Unsubscribe link” so that the users can easily unsubscribe the emails, in case they are not interested. The mailing list is kept clean by the removal of the bounced emails effectively. “Masters in creating Spam free emails with more than 90% inbox deliveries.” SEO Service Noida is the answer to all your queries regarding Email Marketing. Using advanced tools and technologies, we create responsive emails with a mobile design. Increase your convert rates and manage the email lists efficiently. The prices are affordable, promising high returns on investment and developing a brand image.

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